This year we are excited to have over 25 different ethnic and cultural performances!   All performances will be performed at Heritage Park Performance Pavilion.   Don't forget to bring your lawn chair and/or blankets and enjoy the show!   Coolers are allowed (no alcohol permitted), yet for a full immersion into the many cultures in our community, we suggest you experience   one of the many different food trucks and vendors that will be on site!



1:00 PM      Jeff and Janis, "Sounds of Israel"

1:30 PM      Indiawaale, "Indian Fusion"

1:45 PM      Ballet Folklorico Citlalli, "Mexican Folklore"

2:00 PM     West Indian Dance Theater, "West Indie Dance"

2:30 PM      Gayageum Ensemble, "Korean Traditional Strings"

2:40 PM      Chicago Pungmul School, "Korean Drumming"

3:00 PM      Tlaxcala

3:20 PM      Metzger Flamenco Ensemble


3:50 PM      Elizeth Hernandez, "Mariachi"

4:00 PM      Dance Drive (Russian Dance)

4:05 PM      Lubava (Traditional Russian Dance)

4:30 PM      Alegria Mexicana, "Ballet Folklorico"

5:00 PM     Bolly DanceFit, "Indian Bollywood Dance"

5:30 PM     Tierra Colombiana, "Colombia Traditional Folklore"

6:00 PM     Mariachi Monumental de Mexico

6:30 PM     Hokulea, "Polynesian Revue Show"

Tierra Colombiana

The mission of Tierra Colombiana Folkloric Dance Company is to present and promote the artistic culture of Colombia in all its authenticity through dance, music and theatre. Tierra Colombiana has chosen its mission based on the need for Colombian cultural awareness, and works in conjunction with the Chicago youth, professional guest artists, dance companies, and performs at international festivals.

Ballet Folklorico Citlalli

Ballet Folklorico Citlalli was formed in January 2017 to teach children and adult alike about the rich Mexican heritage.  Currently taught by Liliana Streber, the group is part of the Wheeling Park District and although still early in its infancy, the group has been invited to perform in festivals throughout the Chicagoland area.



Chicago's Premier Polynesian Dance Academy and Entertainment Company providing high quality classes with an intense focus on technique, choreography and execution. Our Professional Entertainers are internationally award winning performers that are available for hire for various events from backyard lūʻau themed parties to corporate events, park district and street festivals. Call us today to register for a class or to book a show.

Mariachi Monumental de Mexico

Since 2010, Mariachi Monumental has brought the best traditional and folkloric mariachi repertoire to Chicago and surrounding areas. With members from diverse regions of Mexico and the United States, Mariachi Monumental de Mexico has over 30 years of professional mariachi music experience. Our members have shared the stage with artists such as Pepe Aguilar, Alejandro Fernandez, Vicente Fernandez, Marco Antonio Solis, Jose Jose, Joan Sebastian, Jose Feliciano, Pedro Fernandez, Angelica Maria, and Lila Downs.


India is a land of “Unity in diversity”.  Even though India has diverse cultures, its people are united. The richness of Indian culture is what keeps its people together.  This is what  Indiawaale" wants to convey with an Indian fusion dance.  The group will perform to songs of different Indian languages to showcase this unity!

Alegria Mexicana

Directed by Minerva Solano for over 15 years, Alegria Mexicana is a local Mexican Folkloric dance team. Alegria Mexican was formed and has been performing throughout the Northern suburbs to teach children about the beauty of their heritage.

Bolly DanceFit

With other 100 students currently signed up around the North Shore area, Bolly DanceFit teaches children and adults alike the art of Bollywood Dancing.  Bolly DanceFit currently teaches Bollywood Dance at the Wheeling Park District, as well as Buffalo Grove and Arlington Heights.



Jutta & the Hi-Duke

This eclectic group transports your soul (and soles), on an exciting world-beat dance tour.  “You get Gypsy music, music from Spain, Israel, everything. Finland! What more could you ask for? Not only is it entertaining and educational but you get up and dance and get a little sweaty, which is awesome!



Elizeth Hernandez

Born in Chicago, Illinois of Mexican and Guatemalan heritage, Elizette loves singing Mariachi Music that represents Mexico and wants to showcase her Mexican culture and heritage.





Aikdo of Skokie

Aikido is a martial art based upon circular movements to redirect aggressive and offensive attacks back to the assailant. Aikido consists of purely defensive movements. For more practical defenses, sometimes atemi (punching and kicking) is used and illustrated in practice. Since Aikido techniques use one's own body movement and Ki (internal energy), rather than purely physical or muscular force todisable the attacker, it is an ideal martial art for women and children of small stature and frame. 

Chicago Gayageum Ensemble

The Chicago Gayageum Ensemble was founded in 2008 under the direction of Sunhee Lee. The gayageum is a traditional Korean instrument, which was developed during the Gaya Kingdom during the 6th century. The traditional or sanjo gayageum is the 12-string variety, which is believed to have evolved in the 19th century.

Dance Drive

Representing Russian culture, Dance Drive focuses on modern dance styles under the direction of Elena Velmozhina.

Metzger Flamenco Ensemble

The Martin Metzger Flamenco Ensemble consists of some of the most experienced, talented and dedicated flamenco musicians in Chicago. All the of the members have studied the art in depth, traveling to Spain regularly, in order to capture the art’s energy, nuances and spirit.




Chicago Pungmul School

Led by Director  Byoung S. Kim, Chicago Pungmul School will be performing two sets (1) Sul-janggu, and (2) Samul-nori.  A collection of sul-janggu rhythms exhibit the virtuosity and technique of Korean drumming.  Samul-nori is a modern interpretation of traditional pungmul rhythms and a contemporary percussion genre developed for the modern stage.

West Indian Dance Theater Companty

West Indian Dance Theater Company is led by Mr. Alfred Baker. Focusing on the Ashkin & Dunham technique alongside the Folklore Technique of the West Indies! Our motto is Speed, Strength & Projection.







The Dance of the Huehues (old men)  in Tlaxcala, Mexico is one with magnificent masks and hats.  It derives from the 1500's when the indigenous people of Mexico perceived the dress and actions of the Spanish conquistadors to be silly and loved to immitage their square dances and other activities.

Want to participate for the 2018 International Festival?

CALL FOR PERFORMERS:  We are always looking for new performances of all skills and levels.  Whether you are part of a professional group, or simply would like to put something together with your friends and neighbors that will represent the diversity of our communities, we welcome you!   Click on the "I'm Interest in Participating" button and we will get in contact with you as soon as our 2018 "Performer Registration Form is available!"